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While we typically like to use the POTTYMINTS Blog to give you the latest on everything Bathroom related!

We wanted to deviate slightly from our regularly scheduled content to speak to the Men reading! (Not to worry ladies… we think it’s still very much worth the read!)

While many of our POTTYMINTS customers are female, we have A LOT of customers who choose to give them as a gift to their male counterparts…

And while you may wonder why that is…  with Father’s Day quickly approaching… (THIS Sunday, June 21st … you’re welcome)

We wanted to take a quick moment to speak to our Male customers, and explain why POTTYMINTS are truly a Man’s (bathroom) best friend…


Don’t want to be “The Bathroom Guy”


Every office has one… "The Bathroom Guy".

The guy who during his first week in the office ate 2 Chipotle Burrito’s for lunch and decided to take FULL advantage of the Bathroom with a door lock on it.

We all know the rest of this story FAR too well… he is forever known as “The Bathroom Guy”

Much like the subsequent smell that is now forever associated with that bathroom… the nickname will truly linger until… one day… a new “Bathroom Guy” is appointed by his peers.

Although the “Bathroom guy” smiles it off, and tries to make the most of it… lets be completely honest…No one wants to be “The Bathroom Guy”

Luckily for you, your wife/girlfriend/friend decided to introduce you to POTTYMINTS!

The Post-Flush Pocket Sized Bathroom Air Freshener Tablets for the Bathroom!

These pocket-sized, life savers are the most Discreet Air Freshener on the market today… Why is that you ask? Great Question!

POTTYMINTS can easily fit in your wallet, and are roughly the size of an Airpod’s charging case.

Because each POTTYMINT is individually wrapped, they are the ONLY air freshener on the market today where you walk in with our product, and walk out with absolutely nothing… but a great smelling bathroom!

Also... because POTTYMINTS are used After you Flush your “business” …

POTTYMINTS dissolve clearly (No Blue Liquid) and continue to work for the following 2-3 Flushes after you leave the restroom…

If James Bond had an air-freshener… he would use a POTTYMINT!


The Dating Bathroom Hack


As I have often said on this blog… If I had POTTYMINTS in college… I would be married by now.

We think we are saving relationships… one flush at a time.

Trust us on this one… nothing ruins a Weekend Vacation faster than sharing a bathroom with someone with an upset stomach.

The choice is yours: You can either bring a bottle of generic bathroom spray in your weekend bag… (perhaps the biggest “Red Flag” to someone you are trying to impress… just saying)

Or simply throw a couple POTTYMINTS in your bag… and also be assured that they won’t spill ruining your clothing.

POTTYMINTS make the bathroom smell so great so you won’t have to use the lobby restroom.




Much like using the restroom at a Sporting event… the goal is simple… keep it moving.

Women standing in their seemingly never-ending line, look on in awe as the Men’s bathroom line looks more like a conga line than anything else.

And much like a Conga Line… we too have your back!

Because POTTYMINTS are used After you go… there is no foresight, no thinking required

When it’s time to go… it’s time to go! So we designed POTTYMINTS with that in mind, allowing people to use POTTYMINTS just like a traditional bathroom aerosol spray… AFTER when there is a smell!

And as we said before… POTTYMINTS keep working for the next 2-3 flushes we are in the business of keeping it moving!

POTTYMINTS fragrance – specifically our “Arancia” (Citrus) fragrance was designed for Men!

Trust us… it smells so good… you wish we‘d start making cologne out of it.


And if you made it to this point in the Blog… first of all, thank you!

And More importantly… as a thank you for your attention:

We are doing a sale on all our “Arancia” POTTYMINTS until this Sunday (June 21st, 2020)!

25% Off All “Arancia” POTTYMINTS by simply using the code: DAD25

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Flushing!