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  While on her first vacation with her then boyfriend (now husband), POTTYMINTS founder, Suzanna Grobman, began to notice that her newfound roommate was frequently disappearing and re-emerging with treats for her from the hotel’s lobby gift shop. As the candies piled up, she started to question if he had an ulterior motive.


After 5 days, he finally came clean…
Rather than making her bear the repercussions of sharing
one bathroom, he was using the bathroom in the hotel lobby


Inspired by the universal challenges of sharing a bathroom, and underwhelmed by the current crude-humored and mass market solutions available, Suzanna was determined to find a better option by creating a travel-friendly home fragrance for the bathroom that was sophisticated and would be taken seriously.

  Introducing POTTYMINTS, the first dissolvable air freshener tablets for the after flush.

After the initial months of selling the product at trade shows, one thing was very clear… people wanted POTTYMINTS. Recognizing the potential opportunity for this product, Matthew Grobman turned down working a desk job in real estate finance to join his sister full time and help turn a great product into a successful business.

 Although only working together since August of 2015, Suzanna and Matthew have grown the company to now being sold in over 1,000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even Kuwait. Even though both are incredibly proud of what they have accomplished thus far, they are determined to make POTTYMINTS a household name, and hope that with your help they can make this dream a reality.