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I wasn’t a customer for the other products in this space, so I created the product that I wouldn’t mind my friends seeing in my bag.


While on her first vacation with her then boyfriend (now husband), POTTYMINTS founder, Suzanna Grobman, began to notice that her newfound roommate was frequently disappearing and re-emerging with treats for her from the hotel’s lobby gift shop. As the candies piled up, she started to question if he had an ulterior motive.

After 5 days, he finally came clean…

Rather than making her bear the repercussions of sharing one bathroom, he was using the bathroom in the hotel lobby…

Inspired by the universal challenges of sharing a bathroom, and underwhelmed by the current crude-humored and mass market solutions available, Suzanna was determined to find a better option by creating a travel-friendly home fragrance for the bathroom that was sophisticated and would be taken seriously.

Introducing POTTYMINTS, the first dissolvable air freshener tablets for the after flush.


Suzanna Grobman

As the oldest of three, and a born & bred Manhattanite, Suzanna didn’t necessarily predict an adulthood that would include learning the ins and outs of toilets or hitting the tradeshow circuit while sharing cramped hotel rooms with her family. But it was Suzanna’s quest to solve a ripe problem that inspired her to create POTTYMINTS. With product in hand, she was able to recruit the support of her family to help her hit the ground running. Embracing her former experience as a costume designer, Suzanna incorporated her passion for design in ultimately shaping POTTYMINTS’ identity--her creative eye certainly also comes in handy creating different displays of toilets with flowers coming out!

Matthew Grobman

Matthew’s journey to POTTYMINTS included a brief stint as a real estate analyst, by way of NYU’s Gallatin School. Unable to resist participating in family fun - especially as it pertains to toilets - Matthew joined his sister in 2015. Happily indulging in road tripping antics and subsequently recounting the day’s adventures with his family, Matthew brings his affection for “a good laugh” to POTTYMINTS. Never one to diminish his strong sales and communication acuity, he plays an integral role in transforming POTTYMINTS into a successful business!