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📈🚽Stuck IN Toilet for 18 HOURS!🚽📈 | Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 71)

Goooooood Morning Potty People! 

Welcome to the 2nd Monday… of 2023! 

This is officially the cut off of telling people “Happy New Year” so we hope you enjoyed that awkward period… 

And while much is new and exciting in this new year… some things remain the same 

Including providing you all with the best Bathroom Reading Material on the internet! 

For those of you that are new here, or have never actually read our blog… let us introduce you to Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

We share with you a Main Story that we assure you no other news outlet is reporting on…

Our choice of Video of the Week… so you can appear to be up to date to your friends and family 

Our POTTY Picks Playlist… where we choose 5 Songs you have to hear! 

Our Bathroom Moment of the Week… a story about a hilarious or interesting bathroom related story 

And a Quote for the week ahead! 

All in all… we think we have the Best Bathroom Blog on the internet… and the best part - its a quick fun read! 

So let’s not waste any more time on introductions… Let's get into the blog! 

For this week’s Main Story, we discuss the dangers of keeping the toilet seat up… which led to one woman getting Stuck In her Toilet… for 18 hours! 

Those of you reading this that have not had the unique experience of sharing a bathroom with a Man… you have truly lived a blessed life. 

Whether that means not having a Bathroom sink covered in beard trimmings, or perhaps the toothpaste container has no lid… Men are traditionally not the best bathroom buddies. 

But there is one issue when it comes to sharing a bathroom with a Man that continues to be an ongoing issue… we are of course talking about putting the toilet seat down. 

For those “blessed” individuals who have not shared a bathroom with a Male counterpart… some men will lift the toilet seat up… giving themselves more “room” to aim for the bowl. 

While one might ask… How is that even an issue? The bowl is huge? Do Men miss? 

For any of you ladies who have ever ventured into a Men’s restroom… the simple answer is yes. 

Men's rooms are always wet… like the “Splash Zone” at SeaWorld wet 

As a general rule… and I admit this as a man writing a bathroom blog… Men are typically gross and inconsiderate when it comes to bathrooms and bathroom etiquette. 

Which brings us to this week’s Main Story…

You see there was a husband who decided to go on a fishing trip with his friends… leaving behind his wife at home for a couple of days

Before he left he used the restroom and neglected to put the toilet seat down… 

As you might expect, at some point his Wife sat down to use the bathroom… 

Immediately felt the cold porcelain toilet beneath her, and tried to get up… 

She tried to stand up and fix the toilet seat… but physically couldn't get up. 

Her “bottom” appeared to swell due to sitting for too long, making it almost impossible for her to be removed from the toilet. 

She was literally stuck… IN the toilet

No Cell Phone, No One to communicate with… as the house was empty 

Stuck on the toilet, with no one to help… It was not until the following day when her grown daughter coincidentally came to visit her Mom that she found the mother… still stuck on the toilet! 

Her daughter rushed to help her, and quickly realized that her Mother was not only stuck in the toilet… but had also not eaten or drank anything for over 16 hours!

There appeared to be two options… 

1) Call an ambulance and try and treat her while seated on the toilet at her home… 


2) Take the woman… WITH the TOILET… to the Hospital so they could safely… REMOVE her from the toilet, and also help her regain her health

Clearly… there is a reason this is our Main Story… and its because they went with option #2. 

Which brings us to perhaps our favorite Bathroom Video of ALL TIME…

For those of you unfamiliar with the show “Untold Stories of the ER” - it's a show that blends re-enactments of real emergency room cases with comments by the actual physicians and nurses involved in the procedures

So when I stumbled upon this GEM of a video, I knew I had to share… please, enjoy! 

For those of you interested… they DID break the toilet in the ER as controlled as possible to minimize cutting or causing the patient further harm.

And Nancy made a full recovery 

Moral of the Story… Any Men reading this… just put the f*&cking seat down


While that video in our minds could have easily been the Video of the Week… 

You took the time out of your day to read a Bathroom Blog and for that alone - we will give you yet another fantastic Video for you this week! 

As we all know, every New Year all the eyes in the country are on Times Square and the now infamous New Years Ball Drop! 

To be completely honest, as life long New Yorkers… we never really understood why people voluntarily waited hours… if not days… in freezing temperatures… in Times Square 

For those reasons… we are out

But to try and entice people to come enjoy the experience in person, they will host performances of artists that were simply put… not booked for another event that night to perform a song or two. 

Among the worst performances in recent history was Mariah Carrey… who… well… how do we put it lightly?... 

Well… decide on the word for yourself.  

For this Week’s Video of the Week, we share with you our favorite New Years performance from the one the only… Mariah Carrey 

As we mentioned on last week’s blog, this may be our favorite section of the blog to write 

We genuinely enjoy sharing good music with you - and it seems the world is a better place with a good soundtrack! 

For those of you that are new here, each week we add 5 songs to an ongoing playlist for the year we call Potty Picks! 

As you can see… now that its 2023… that means we have an all new playlist for the year ahead… and SOOOOO much incredible music to share with you all! 

This week though, we wanted to get the ball rolling with some of our favorite feel good music at the moment! 

This week we feature 5 Potty Picks from: 

  • “As It Was” - PREP 
  • “Give It To Me Baby” - Rick James 
  • “Ride with Me” - Nelly 
  • “Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You” - Ms. Lauryn Hill 
  • “The World” - Benny Sings 

We would love it if you gave us a follow or a heart on this years new Potty Picks Playlist! 


As far as Bathroom Moments of the Week go… we think this is a pretty good one! 

For this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week, we go to Thailand where we meet a married couple simply trying to get home for Christmas. 

You see husband Boontom Chaimoon was driving his wife, Amnuay to their hometown in Thailand, when like most of us on a long road trip… he needed to pull over to use the restroom 

Amnuay (His wife) who was sleeping in backseat at the time, felt the car pull over to the side of the road and stop moving  

Seeing this as an opportunity to also quickly use the restroom - she took the opportunity in a nearby jungle

Boontom, finished up his business… got back in the car - and quickly got back on the road

Amnuay finished up her business, came back to the road and saw that her husband, the car and all of her stuff… was LONG Gone! 

Amnuay was without her phone, wallet, or any money whatsoever… and was left in a panic unsure of what to do 

So she began walking… 13 MILES… to a nearby police station where she pleaded with the police officers to help her find her husband… 

Her husband… was 100 MILES away at this point… thinking his wife was still asleep in the backseat

In reality… Amnuay did not know her husband's phone number by heart, so she called her own phone roughly 20 times… but he failed to notice her phone ringing. 

Eventually… Boontom tried to speak with his wife from the drivers seat… and realized she was no where to be found - so he picked up his phone and realized the folly of his mistake. 

So… he drove back 100 MILES to pick up his… clearly FUMING wife from the Police Station…

Causing what must have been… the most awkward Christmas dinner in human history. 

The couple was married for 27 years… but the article did not say whether this may have been their last Christmas together… 


(Don't believe this is a real story… here is the link)


Thank you all for joining us for our first Potty Time with POTTYMINTS episode of the new year! 

We know the internet is filled with content, much of it competing for your attention, so the fact that you have given us, a bathroom blog, a moment of your time means a great deal to us!

We like to conclude our blogs each week with a quote for the week ahead, and we want to get this year off on the right foot, by featuring a quote from an absolute favorite of mine, and I hope one of yours too… the one and only… Mr. Fred Rogers 


“As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has- or ever will have- something inside that is unique to all time. It's our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression."

We hope each of you takes a moment this week and thinks about this quote… and at the end of the week, ask yourself… 

“ Did you tell someone how valuable they are to you?” 

We assure you, letting someone know how you feel about them, and what they mean to you is uncomfortable at first, but trust us when we say, there is no better feeling than feeling appreciated by someone else.  

We hope each of you has an incredible week ahead and we will see you next week for another episode! 

Have a great week!