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🚽🏆The Potty Picks Awards of 2022🏆🚽| Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 70)

Happy Holidays Potty People! 

We decided to start a new tradition… 

This will be our 70th… yes, you read that right 70TH episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

We have shared MANY stories, Videos, and of course our now infamous Potty Picks! 

So we decided in honor of the New Year… we should celebrate some of our favorites of 2022! 

You have heard of The Emmy’s, The Grammy’s… so now… we introduce you to… 

The newest Bathroom Blog yearly award show… The Potty Picks Awards! 

Enjoy our favorite stories, Videos, Songs and Bathroom Moments of the Year! 

We have shared some pretty incredible Main Stories with you… if we do say so ourselves! 

From John Lennon's… “John”  from “Love Me Loo”

… to the theft of a 6 Million Dollar Toilet 

… to this 100% Real Headline and Story about “Milly The Monkey”

We have really become Bathroom Buds this past year… and trust us when we say… you absolutely do not want our Search History…

But when it comes to our favorite Main Stories… there is ONE that seems to “break” through the clutter… 

We are of course talking about Kevin Shelley, and his Guinness World Record for most wooden toilet seats broken with his head in one minute. 

While we think Kevin could have literally stopped at 2 Toilet Seats for the World record… 

In case you were wondering… the record is 46 Toilet Seats! 

There are World Records… and then there are World Records that no one is even trying to attempt to break. 

This seems to be one of those records.  

Nonetheless… The Potty Award for our favorite Main Story of the year… goes to Kevin Shelly and his incredibly “unique” talent! 

Enough breaking news… let's get into some more of the year's best - POTTY Picks! 

This is a big one… Video of the Year 

And while we understand that this is primarily a blog of words… 

We can all admit… we live in a world of Videos so we figured we would share a couple of our favorites from this past year  

But… when it comes to Video Supremacy for this past year… there is only one video that comes to mind - The Corn Kid. 

Tariq, aka “The Corn Kid”, gained national attention this past year when he was interviewed by Recess Therapy… one of the many interview shows that has taken over the internet these past couple of years. 

While the Internet remains a very interesting place… we have found these small “kernels” (*pun intended*) of humanity in videos like these that make it go viral. 

Here is the original video that took over the internet this past year! 

Since this video came out, Tariq has been featured in Chipotle Ads, Cameo Videos, and he was even named the “Corn-bassador” (an ambassador of corn) for South Carolina! 

And as if that was not enough… Tariq got the internet bump of a lifetime when he video became the hottest song in America 

As the wise Bruno Mars once said… “Don't Believe me Just Watch” 

This year's Potty Pick for the Video of the Year goes to Tariq… the Corn Kid! 

We have said it once, and we will say it again… this section is the real gem of this Bathroom Blog. 

We are all winners with some fantastic new music! 

For those of you who are new to the blog, this section Potty Picks is where we typically pick 5 songs for the week ahead, and add them to an ongoing playlist for that year! 

And since 2021 feels like it was a year ago… 

We wanted to also include both of these playlists here for your listening pleasure: 

Here’s our Potty Picks from 2021… 


… in addition to the Last and Final installment of our playlist Potty Picks for 2022! 

So you know we needed to finish off the year with 5 of our favorite songs from this past year! 

  • “Delilah (pull me out of this)” - Fred again…, Delilah Montagu 
  • “Stop This Flame” - Celeste x MK 
  • “I Follow Rivers - The Magician Remix” - Lykke Li, The Magician 
  • “World Hold On” - Bob Sinclair, Steve Edwards 
  • “Head & Heart (Feat. MNEK)” - Joel Corry, MNEK

  • This brings us to another crowd favorite section of the blog… and for good reason 

    We truly feel when it comes to Bathroom News Stories… we are truly at the cutting edge 

    Trust us when we say… yet again… you do not want our search history

    Especially when it comes to this particular part of the blog… The Bathroom Moment of the Year! 

    We are truly in awe at the amount of Bathroom Related news that we sift through every week - it seems toilets and using the bathroom never goes out of style. 

    We have discussed controversial Bathroom Breaks in Tennis… 

    We have discussed finding 60 Year Old McDonalds French Fries in your Bathroom Wall… 

    And even Catching a thief… Using the bathroom at a nearby mall 

    BUT… there can only be one POTTY Pick for the most prestigious of awards… 

    The Bathroom Moment of the Year

    And when we think back to these stories… one and only one truly sticks out in our minds. 

    Of course… We are talking about the insane story of “Montanna’s Toilet Man” 

    The mysterious “Toilet Man” was enjoying the great outdoors of what appears to be Montana, when he needed to use the restroom. 

    Now to refresh your memory… National Parks typically don’t have access to plumbing - meaning flushing is not an option. 

    So they make up for this by instead using “vaulted” toilets - toilets that do not require flushing, but instead are larger pits beneath the outhouse that collect the waste. 

    These pits can be anywhere from 4 to 5 feet… 

    The Toilet Man was using the outhouse restroom when all of the sudden… he dropped his phone into the Outhouse toilet. 

    … As you might imagine… the Toilet Man was faced with a seemingly easy decision: 

    Option #1: Get a new phone the following day? 


    Option #2: Pinch your nose and dive in… 

    *We want to take this quick moment to reiterate… The only thing more embarrassing that diving in a pool of human waste, is explaining the harrowing story to the Apple Genius member…when they ask "So what can I help you with today?" *

    Back to the story… 

    As you might imagine, our hero “Toilet Man” decided to try and retrieve his phone... 

    So our hero took the Toilet Off… removed the toilet… exposing “the vault” where his phone fell into... and dove in

    Not only did Toilet Man NOT retrieve his phone from the waste… but he was stuck in the toilet… 

    … but wait, there’s more! 

    … To make things worse, it was roughly 90 degrees outside, meaning the Outhouse was absolutely scorching. 

    To try and avoid the heat… the Toilet Man took off his clothing… all of it… completely naked

    So after 3 hours… 

    Naked, Sweating profusely, and running out of options… nearby strangers heard his calls for help coming from the Outhouse. 

    And in perhaps the most awkward encounter in history… 

    The strangers had to break down the locked outhouse door… where they finally witnessed, our hero, Toilet Man in the flesh for the first time. 

    Potty People…we present to you…  one of the greatest pictures of all time

    After lowering a camping chair into the vault that the man was able to stand on top of… our hero escaped the toilet unharmed. 

    To this day… Toilet Man has not been identified… and his phone was never found

    But today… we present him and this fantastic story with our greatest honor…

    The Bathroom Moment of the Year! 


    While we typically end our blogs with a quote for the week ahead, today we want to give you a quote for the New Year ahead. 

    While no one wants to admit it, we know these past couple of years have truly been hard for everyone, in one way or another. 

    With the sudden passing of Ellen’s longtime DJ and side-kick “Stephen Boss” AKA Twitch who took his own life last week, the world once again was confronted with the harsh reality of mental health. 

    I too have lost a friend of mine to suicide this past year - and can personally relate to the pain and guilt I felt as someone who neglected to reach out and check in with him when I should have. 

    In searching for deeper meaning in these moments of despair and loss, I came across a quote that I wanted to share with you all. 

    And while I know this is probably far too serious a topic for a Bathroom Blog, it has given me a lot of meaning and motivation in my life after my friend's passing, and I hope it does the same for you.  

    “Sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”

    -Christine Caine

    This upcoming year, I wish for each and every one of you to nurture the plant of your life! 

    Think back to the things this past year that gave you profound joy, or moments that you look back on fondly

    … and rather than recreate them again this upcoming year… 

    Ask yourself:  What was it about those moments that made them so special? 

    I have personally found that while the actual activities were fine themselves, it was who I shared those experiences with that made them truly memorable. 

    Whether you find yourself in a dark place or not… much like a plant… find the “light” of your life 

    And like a tree or a plant… seek out that “light” to help you grow into the beautiful flower that you are 

    We wish you all nothing but Health, Happiness, Good things and Light this upcoming year

    You truly deserve nothing but it! 

    Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year!