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POTTYMINTS: Our Top 5 Funniest Bathroom Movie Moments!

Hey POTTY People!

Well… the time has come… the hibernation period for the East Coast appears to be ending!

Today will be the first day that New York City will begin to reopen!

And with the re-opening of our city, will come the subsequent long forgotten “small talk”

One thing has been abundantly clear these past 80 days of quarantine… there is a movie or a tv show that “YOU MUST Watch”

This recommendation is not for anyone…. But specifically, for YOU!

I always found this to be an interesting test to see how well your friends actually know you.


You think I, specifically, should watch “Gigli” starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck……Thank you?!

Well, since I have really assumed the role of the “POTTY/Bathroom Guy” for the foreseeable future… (Ladies…I’m single… hahaha!)

We figured we would give you our Top 5 Funniest Bathroom Moments from films we watched during quarantine!

Because… at this point you already know… bathrooms are kind of our “thing”…



“Dumb and Dumber”


We here at POTTYMINTS have made it our absolute “duty” (pun intended), to Keep what happens in the bathroom… in the bathroom

So much so… that’s our company's mission statement

That being said, we will not go into too much detail as to what transpires during this iconic, and frankly grotesque scene…

To give you some context, Jeff Daniels is secretly given laxatives before attending a date with his girlfriend’s family… and clearly insanity ensues… only to be told at the end that the toilet he is using does not flush…

Needless to say… we will say that we can’t imagine the amount of painstaking time that went into researching and recreating the sounds coming out of that poor bathroom… yikes!

Those Foley artists deserve a raise… and a free check up at the gastroenterologist office.


“The Big Sick”


Let us begin by saying… we absolutely LOVE this movie! And if you haven’t seen it, we couldn’t recommend it more.

We will say that if you are a fan of the new and improved, muscular Kumail Nanjiani (or as we refer to his transformation… “Nanjiani 2.0”)

… sadly you are out of luck on this one, as it was filmed before his transformation.

 Based on an absolute TRUE Story!

Kumail plays a Pakistani comic, who meets a graduate student named Emily at one of his stand-up shows. As their relationship blossoms, he soon becomes worried about what his traditional Muslim parents will think of her. When Emily suddenly comes down with an illness that leaves her in a coma, Kumail finds himself developing a bond with her deeply concerned mother and father.

We don’t want to give too much away… (as we said, it’s a great movie!)

But one scene that stands out to us here in the “bathroom” profession is when Emily tells Kumail that she needs to go to the local drug store to pick something up…

Kumail, lets Emily know that he has everything she needs at his apartment, and that she can tell him anything… Emily pushes back a bit, saying that she still needs to grab something quickly from the store, and she needs to leave.

Finally, Emily admits what the problem is…“I have to take a shit, okay?! I have to take a huge fucking dookie.”

We get it… we’ve all been there.

In fact… if you are interested in reading after this… this precarious situation is almost exactly the reason my sister Suzanna came up with POTTYMINTS.

You can read that story here: How We Came Up With POTTYMINTS?

We here at POTTYMINTS think we are saving relationships a flush at a time… The Big Sick is a prime example of how we think we can help! 



“Along Came Polly”


Let us begin by just saying …This movie is just flat out funny! We couldn’t recommend it enough… Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston are truly hilarious.

Now… to the bathroom scene!

There are so many incredible elements to this iconic bathroom scene… A mirror in the bathroom facing the person on the toilet, a ferret, and most importantly… no toilet paper …

Ben Stiller in distress is comedy at its finest… from him turning on the shower to dull the noise of his upset stomach, to him searching the bathroom for something he can use to wipe… only to settle on her embroidered towel… leading to the toilet overflowing.

Truly a snowball effect of the worst bathroom experience while staying at your significant others.

If you and your family have not seen Along Came Polly, please do yourself a favor and watch it! 


“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”


Did we put this as our “#2” pick simply for the movie reference… perhaps? But who can blame us!

The words, “Who does Number 2 Work for?!” have never been more aptly used!

While I vividly remember growing up, going to the movie theater and absolutely howling in laughter at the entire Austin Powers franchise… I am happy to report that these movies, much like wine, only get better with age!

Mike Myers is a virtuoso of hilarious bathroom scenes… but this scene is one of his best!

While being choked by an evil spy, secretly hiding behind a cut out in the bathroom stall- the man sitting at the stall beside him can only hear the sounds coming from next door.

While tough to put into words, we suggest watching the link above and enjoying a true masterpiece of comedy. 



This should come as no surprise to anyone – this is hands down the funniest Bathroom moment in film history!

 You can watch this scene over and over and find something new and hilarious literally every time.

 After eating at a hole in the wall Brazilian restaurant, the Bridesmaids appear to get stricken with food poisoning just as they enter the immaculately clean, and overwhelmingly white designed bridal shop.

 Suddenly, one by one, each of the bridesmaids begins to show signs that they are truly struggling… sweating profusely, looking very pale in the face, and then suddenly very audible stomach growls…

 The rest is pure comedy perfection.

 Every time, yes…every single time… my Mom watches this clip she begins to cackle uncontrollably… tears and all!  

Melissa McCarthy deserves a Golden Globe for her performance in this scene alone

Maya Rudolf running in her wedding gown, and sitting down in the middle of the street has become an iconic moment in film history.

 (Ahhh…the power of bathroom humor!)

 This is truly bathroom humor nirvana… and is clearly deserving of our #1 choice!


As always, we hope that these blog posts provide a moment of levity and a break from this strange time we are all living in.

We know that each day that passes seems like a haze, but we think it is very important to make the most of these days and this time together.

In years from now we will look back at this time fondly as time we got to eat, play, talk and laugh with one another.

We hope you and your families are staying safe, continuing to wash your hands… and let us know if we forgot any movies or scenes from our list!